Why A Rhino?

We, as individuals AND as a team, are determined to do the best we can at all times, and we are not satisfied with doing “just enough to get by” or doing “an OK job”.  This motivation has been adapted and molded over the years, but the original inspiration was the rhinoceros!

Did you know that a rhinoceros, on average, weighs six thousand pounds?  That’s three tons!  Not only that, but their skin is two inches thick, they can run 30 miles per hour, and they have a large pointy horn!  When they charge at something, they usually will not stop until either they’ve caught what they’re charging for or can no longer move from exhaustion.  What an inspiration!

This is why we try to model ourselves and our work after the rhinoceros (who is also an endangered species, by the way, much like people with their characteristics!).  We do our best to make sure we accomplish what we set out to do as fast as we can and the best that we can!